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Essential Travel Safety Tips For 2019


Travel can be a fun thing to do especially if you want to learn about other culture. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of adventure. But don’t forget that your safety and security should be put into consideration when you are abroad. Planning your safety abroad can be a headache – in fact, an expensive headache!

A headache should be the last thing to worry about. So, to help alleviate that stress, I have put together 10 essential tips that will help you stay safe aboard. So, ride with us while we walk you through these important tips

1. Do your research before you travel

The first rule of safe travel is always researching the country you go to. Ensure that you travel to a country that is peaceful and that there are neither terrorist threats nor any natural disaster that could jeopardize your stay. At this point in your life, the last thing you want to happen is struggling to leave a country you visited because of your safety.

You can also research travel warnings. It will give you a general idea of what’s going on in the country you’re visiting, and specific problem areas you may want to avoid. For example, Tsunami and earthquake disaster happened in Indonesia in 2018. It is important to be aware of these kinds of things. Don’t be ignorant about where you are going.

2. Blend with your surroundings.Mario deanv - Bali

When it comes to traveling to another country, it is important that you blend with your host community. For instance you can dress like the natives. Most importantly interact with natives – this will enable you to gain firsthand information about their culture.

The wrong clothes can draw attention and you may fall prey to scammers or armed robbers. When you blend with your host community, you won’t attract those with a criminal mindset.

3. Don’t display too much of your wealth.

Yes, there is a lot of money in your account and you want to have fun while your visa last. Be careful not to display your wealth. Remember being abroad is different from your country. Criminally minded elements in the society may track you if you lavish money. You can be robbed even in the hotel where you will lodge. Remember thieves and scammers always hang around tourist centers to get their next victim.

4. Hire a taxi service when moving around

Do not go looking for cheap means of transportation, it may be dangerous. Don’t move around alone. Ensure you are always with somebody. Also, don’t share taxis with strangers, it can be a risky thing to do. If you need a taxi service, I recommend you use a taxi company and not some random taxi guys from the streets. When I am abroad, I usually let the hotel request a taxi service for me and I inform them of where I am headed.

The hotel will also brief me on the details of the taxi service and its driver. Also, important is the fact you need to be aware of the routes the driver will be taking and how long it will take the driver to get there. In this case, Google map is your albatross. At any point the driver derails, you will see the movement on G-map, and thus raise an alarm.

5. Keep your belongings safe.

Don’t bring expensive things with you when you travel. Leave your laptops and all its gadgets at home. Ensure you travel with a backpack with hidden compartments to hide your cell phone and passport. Use these bags to keep your belonging safe. It is very hard to get pick pocketed with these safety bags. Always make 3 copies of your passport, keep them safe in different places. Personally, I keep one copy in my luggage bag, one on me, and one in my backpack. I leave my original passport in the hotel safe or I have a certified copy on email which I can access from any cell phone or any laptop.

6. Get travel insurance.

Travel insurance is one of the most important essentials to have when traveling. It is as important as your passport. Always make sure your insurance cover every aspect of your journey, from your travel health, sports activities, lost and damages of your personal belonging to delayed baggage, terrorism, trip cancellation, loss of credit card, and a stolen passport. It’s travelwithmario travel & health insurancecrucial to have travel insurance because something can go wrong at any time and you are far away from home. So, I would advise you to get travel insurance.

7. Keep track of your health.

The most common health issue you will likely face when traveling is food poisoning. Food poisoning is so rampant because an average traveler would want to taste all the local cuisines available in that country. In fact, one of the gains of traveling is experiencing a new culture and food. However, ensure you always drink lots of bottled water and be careful with what you eat. Bottled water is necessary due to the unsafe water conditions in many parts of the world. When I am abroad, most times, I usually eat yogurt because it’s highly nutritious and can boost the immune system. Plus, it keeps the digestive system in place when I am abroad.

A stable food like yogurt can help ease the diet issues in foreign countries. Even while eating carefully, travelers’ diarrhea, food poisoning and other illnesses are common. So, take note of all these

8. Manage your money.

Most times, when we travel aboard, we don’t keep track of how much we spend. We just want to have fun and all that. Yes, that is fine. But, you need to manage your money properly. A friend of mine was almost stranded in one of my many travels last year. He overspent and did not track his money. Luckily for him, I and some other friends were there to foot his bills. Your case may be different. So, it is important to manage your money.

9. Have emergency information at hand.

When I travel, I always memorize emergency contacts. It is very important because an emergency may come up. I always know where the nearest police station/ tourist police station is and their contact numbers. Know your travel insurance contact details to log a claim as soon as possible. Know your hotel address and contact details. Having all these details guarantees your safety.

10. Know how to communicate with natives and don’t be rude if they don’t understand you.Thailand wedding

We tend to get upset when natives don’t understand us. This is particularly true especially when you thought the native could be of help. Remember, not all countries speak English as their native language. So, there is a certain way you can communicate with the natives in order to get whatever information you need. The fact that you traveled to another country does not mean you’re better than the natives there. Trust me; some natives may be better than. They may not have the opportunity you have. In general, be of good behavior and treat people with respect. Being kind, generous and friendly can help you stay safe while traveling abroad. It’s important to know your safety tips and rules.

The above tips will help you have a safe travel journey. Use these tips as a checklist when you travel. Remember when traveling your safety comes first.

If you have learned something from this post, please use the comment box to share your thoughts with me. I would like to hear from you.





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